🔷As a follow-up activity of the Supply Chain Survey jointly carried out by the European Technology Platform “Photonics21” and the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), Photonics21 aims to further investigate the role of advanced materials in the photonics supply chains in Europe

🔶Participate in the Photonics21 Survey on Advanced Materials in the Photonics Supply Chain. You are kindly asked for your time and valuable feedback by filling out the survey by  6th November 2023.

🔷The results will help to argue for the necessity of further R&I photonics activities in Europe.

🔗 Clik on this link to give your valuable feedback please: https://www.photonics21.org/2023/participate-in-the-photonics21-survey-on-advanced-materials-in-the-photonics-supply-chain