The Chips JU, which oversees the implementation of the European Chips Initiative through the aid of funding from Horizon Europe and Digital Europe, has issued its inaugural call for proposals.

The objective of this proposal is to establish four pilot lines that showcase pioneering technology.

A call for pilot lines includes three interrelated calls:

  • A call for expression of interest for the selection of a hosting consortium
  • A call for proposals for Set-up, integration and process development, funded under Horizon Europe
  • A call for proposals for the operational activities of the pilot line, funded under Digital Europe

The same application is submitted to those calls and the evaluation will consist of the simultaneous evaluation of the interrelated calls.

The calls under Horizon Europe and Digital Europe have been published on the Funding & Tenders Portal:

Pilot line on advanced sub 2nm leading-edge system on chip technology

Pilot line on advanced Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator technologies targeting 7nm

Pilot line on advanced Packaging and Heterogenous Integration

Pilot line on advanced semiconductor devices based on Wide Bandgap materials