UPV-NTC at the IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference 2024 ,Tokyo, Japan

UPV-NTC, Jorge Parra and Pablo Sanchis, made a significant contribution to the field of photonics by attending the prestigious IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference in Tokyo, Japan, organized by the IEEE Photonics Society. Their involvement showcased a remarkable poster titled “2-um-long VO2/Si device with multilevel-memory response,” as part of the project PHOENIX.

This event not only highlighted their innovative work but also positioned them within the international community of researchers dedicated to advancing silicon photonics technology.

The IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference, stemming from the IEEE Group IV Photonics Conference, fosters discussions on silicon photonics trends, challenges, and innovations. It enhances academia-industry interactions and advancements in photonic science and engineering, covering devices, materials, applications, and integration technologies. Projects like PHOENIX by Jorge Parra and Pablo Sanchis gain global visibility in the scientific community through participation.

The IEEE Silicon Photonics Conference serves as a platform for professionals, researchers, and academicians to discuss silicon photonics trends, challenges, and innovations. It originated from the IEEE Group IV Photonics Conference in 2004 and continues to promote interactions between academia and industry. The conference features discussions on photonic devices, materials, applications, integration technologies, and fosters innovation in photonic science and engineering. Participants like Jorge Parra and Pablo Sanchis benefit from increased visibility for their project PHOENIX within the global scientific community.

More information in this link :  https://www.ieee-siphotonics.org/


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